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Snowstar Ltd are licensed in France for the "transport of persons by road for hire or reward"
Licence no.

Snowstar have been operating minibuses in the Alps since 2003. Our emphasis is on providing safe and reliable transfers in modern high spec minibuses at a reasonable price.

We are fully licensed in France "for the transport of persons by road for hire or reward" and our minibuses have full relevant insurance.

We operate VW T5 Caravelle minibuses. These are factory built minibuses that are designed and constructed to provide travel in comfort and safety.

The minibuses are air-conditioned and are the long wheel base version so that we have sufficient luggage space for passengers on wintersports holidays.

From a safety point of view these minibuses are also well equipped. All seats are fitted with 3 point seat belts. We fit the best snow tyres to ensure grip in most conditions and carry snow chains for the worst conditions.

Our minibuses are all equipped with CD/Radios and we also have cable connections so you can play your MP3 player through the car stereo.

We are happy to provide child seats free of charge and we have a range of seats for children of different ages.

In addition we work with partners to provide a greater capacity than just our minibuses. If necessary we can call on a further 10+ minibuses. So please do contact us if you are looking for transfers on any day of the week as I am sure we can help.

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